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The Tasting Room Wine Bar & Cafe

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About Us
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Colin & Renee met in cooking school in 1993 - washing dishes...

Both Renee & Colin worked in NYC restaurant kitchens after graduating from Peter Kump's NY Cooking School (aka I.C.E.), took time to travel to Paris where they apprenticed in the 3 Star Micheline rated Arpege, and returned to NYC to prepare to open their own business together.  Colin worked as a private chef to a UN ambassador and Renee managed a hotel restaurant.  They married in 1997 and wrote their business plan.  They opened The Tasting Room in November 1999.  Colin is the Chef and Sommelier and Renee runs the dining room.  They have a two year old son, Lincoln, who loves food.  They live near the restaurant in the East Village. 


The Tasting Room features the work of local artists.  The exhibit changes monthly and new work is always welcome.  Please contact us us at with information on your work if you are interested in showing at the restaurant.  Artwork is available for sale and our guests appreciate the changing exhibit.

Our Cuisine

Knowing the history and culture behind our cuisine can enhance our guests' dining experience. Here, we might describe that history and discuss our own variations on traditional culinary themes (i.e., our unique way of preparing and presenting our meals).

Reviews and Accolades

If our restaurant has been reviewed, we might post highlights of that review below. We might also post customer comments and list awards.