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Here is a sample of our menu from earlier this year.  Our menu changes daily, so please check for updates or call the restaurant for more information.  Everything on the menu comes in two sizes: "Taste" is an appetizer size and "Share" is an entree size.  You can make up your own tasting menu by ordering several courses of tasting portions, order for the table, or order appetizers and entrees - as you and your guests prefer. 
If you are making a reservation and have a dietary concern, please inform us so that we can adapt a dish if necessary.



Almost Summer Menu

Tuesday 06. 22. 04                                      

                                      Taste      Share           

To Start    Cold Sugar Snap Pea Soup                     7.                14.

                 Smoked Eel, Homemade Yogurt, Chive Oil


     Farmers’ Market Bean Salad                  7.                14.

                 Yellow Wax & Green Beans, Yellow Tomato Vinaigrette


                 Italian Dandelion Green Salad              8.                16.

                      Tonjes Dairy Ricotta, Candied Orange, Sherry Vinegar


                 Barron Point Oysters                            9.                18.

                 Horseradish & Shallot Mignonette


                 Chilled Day Boat Chatham Cod           10.                20.

                 Carrots, Miso & Cucumbers


                 Foie Gras en Torchon                          11.                22.

                 Pickled Radish, Rhubarb, Black Pepper


To Continue    Roasted Local Morels                   13.                26.

            Fava Bean Purée, New Red Potatoes, Onion Confit


                        Fresh Crayfish & Littleneck Clams  10.                20.

                        Tomato & Red Pepper Coulis, Fennel, Roasted Squash


                        Braised Fluke                                   12.                24.

            Japanese Turnips, Farro, English Peas


                        Smoked Bacon Chop                        10.                20.  

                        Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Green Onions, Romano Beans


                        Seared Juniper-Cured Moulard Duck Breast  12.           24.  

                        Golden Turnips, Red Beets, Beet Greens


 To Finish        Selection of American Farmhouse Cheese   10.            20.

                        Walnut Bread


                        Apple & Pear Fritters                              7.             

                        Vanilla Ice Cream


                        Double Chocolate Bread Pudding           7.

                        Butter Pecan Ice Cream


                        Frozen Blueberry Panna Cotta                 7.

                                Local Cherries, Sorbet


 The chef/owner of The Tasting Room, Colin Alevras, takes pride in selecting high quality and organic ingredients supplied by local farmers and fishermen who take care in raising their animals & vegetables responsibly. 


We hope to update this page often with new menus and photos.  Please contact us at the restaurant with questions.